Ed-Zoocational Programs

Pet N Parties Ed-Zoocational program is an educational program for children which allows them to get very close to, touch, interact with; and mainly gain a great deal of knowledge about certain animals, which they normally would never be able to interact with or learn about in their normal lives. We are currently running these programs at schools and can be added to Bedner's Summer Field trips.

All the Animals we use for this Ed-Zoocational Program have been raised with us in our home as babies so we can ensure a very SAFE and FUN environment. We have already started our Ed-zoocational program with several local schools and have found in all cases the children, parents and teachers really enjoy this type of interaction. For this reason we have decided to include an Ed-Zoocational program during the week as an edition to Bedner's Summer Field Trips 

The Animals we have chosen to start this program with are a Baby Lesser Ant Eater (or Tamandua), A baby Camel, a  baby Ruffed Lemur (not to be confused with a Ring tail Lemur).. Ruffed Lemurs like the one we are introducing are quickly becoming an endangered species, and are very gentle and docile.  Lastly we are letting the children meet and interact with a Baby Red Kangaroo.. WE can also add any of our other awesome farm animals to accommodate any theme your class may be currently working on. Camels have been a huge hit at the schools  :)

Call 561-350-6948 for more info or to book your next Ed-Zoocational program at your School or at Bedner's Farm Fresh Market